The complicated and dynamic events in the Middle East have direct impact on the Kurdish issue, which requires more understanding and analysis. Therefore Rudaw Research Center (RRC) as part of the Rudaw Media Network (which is the biggest Media network in Kurdistan region) was established in 2016 to fill some of the gaps that Kurdistan region lacks in research on the Middle Eastern issues.

Rudaw Research Center is trying to expand its information and analysis sources on the Kurdistan and Middle East events and deliver it to the political and academic elite of Kurdistan region. Through large network of researchers, politicians and analysts in Kurdistan and the region, and through connecting political experience, academic skills and theoretical views to the reality of events we are making objective analysis of the events and make recommendations for the political elite and decision makers in Kurdistan region.

In addition through expanding network with politicians, academics, journalists and civil society activists from other countries we are making opportunity to develop relations, exchange views and deliver Kurdish perspective on the regional events to the world.

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