Seminar: 'Division of Ottoman Kurdistan into Syria and Iraq' Book Discussion


On Saturday, March 30, 2024, Rudaw Research Center hosted a seminar featuring Dr. Azad Ali's pivotal book, "Division of Ottoman Kurdistan into Syria and Iraq."

This 2023 publication represents the latest contribution from Rudaw Research Center, delving into the intricate history of Ottoman Kurdistan. Dr. Azad Ali illuminated key historical junctures, meticulously tracing the evolution of Kurdish territories from the Ottoman era to the present day. Notably, he explored the formation of Kurdish emirates, their varying degrees of autonomy, and the geographical landscape of Kurdistan, drawing from a diverse array of sources.

In his extensive 618-page book, Dr. Azad Ali meticulously delves into a wealth of historical and geographical data, aiming to establish that the land currently inhabited by Kurds was indeed their ancestral territory. He challenges nationalist theories opposing Kurdish claims to the region, affirming the Kurds as the original inhabitants.

In this research, the author relies on various documents and sources and explains that the use of the term "Ottoman Kurdistan" refers to the historical recognition of Kurdish territory by the Ottomans.

He believes that the Kurds are a stable people in the Middle East and have proven their political existence prior to the emergence of the concept of nationhood, playing an active role in the political events in the region. During the seminar, participants had the opportunity to express their comments on the contents of the book.

March - 2024
11:00 AM
03:00 PM
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