Rudaw Research Center’s Webinar: Fall of Afghanistan and Future US policy in south Asia


The Rudaw Research Center was held a webinar on the fall of Afghanistan and future of US policy in South Asia with participation of Peter Galbraith Former US diplomat, and former deputy UN envoy for Afghanistan and General Ernie Audino (Ret) Senior Military Fellow at the Gold Institute for International Strategy and the event was moderated by Ali Kurdistani. Both participants as former US diplomat and military officials made a clear picture on the US policy in Afghanistan and what next. Both they have given their insights on the following questions:

– What America has achieved in the past 20 years in Afghanistan? What are key reasons and motives of US withdrawal?

-What are the latest developments on the ground? How long the US-Taliban deal will last? Deadline of withdrawal and evacuation is end of August, if US did not meet the deadline what happens then? Are there concerns over Taliban’s takeover Afghan’s military air crafts and equipment? Will that empower Taliban and other Islamic organizations to build an air force?  How this will impact reemergence of new radical groups either al-Qaeda or ISIS? How much are you concerned about humanitarian situation there, is US able to evacuate all Afghan civilians (those worked for them) safely?

–How this will affect the Biden administration inside America? And how this will shape its foreign policy for the next 3 years?

-The geopolitical impact of US withdrawal from Afghanistan; how this will impact US tensions with China, Russia and other international and regional actors? Will Taliban’s new government as Sunni force next to Iran will lead to balance of power in the Middle East? Relations with Turkey? How this will impact US’s image in the world especially among its allies? Will damage its partners confidence? Is this scenario going to be repeated in Iraq?

August - 2021
04:00 PM
06:00 PM
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