The Future of Kurdish Sunni Relations


The RRC, in collaboration with Yarmouk Center for Strategic Studies and Planning organized a workshop on Kurdish-Sunni relations. The main discussed topics were the current situation in Iraq after the formation of the government and the future of Kurdish-Sunni relations.

The delegation of the Yarmouk Center included:

1. Ammar Al-Azawi,  Yarmouk Center Director

2. Nuri Al-Dulaimi, former Minister of Planning

3. Ahmed Riad Al-Obaidi, former Minister of Youth and Sports

4. Ahmed Mazban, Head of Legal Department at Sunni Endowment

5. Aisha al-Masari, MP

6. Wahda al-Jumaili, MP

7. Mohammed Al-Mehmdi, Delegation Coordinator and Former Advisor to Iraqi President

The first session focused on the post government situation in Iraq and the Sudani’s government.

RRC Delegation

While the future of Sunni-Kurdish relations during the Iraqi political deadlock of forming a government was discussed in the second session. In the meeting, the attendees emphasized the need for research centers to be involved in doing studies and making development to prepare and suggest solutions.


November - 2022
10:00 AM
02:00 PM
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