The impact of the presidential election on US foreign policy in the Middle East


|  RRC  | On October 22nd, Rudaw Research Center hosted a virtual panel on The impact of the presidential election on US foreign policy in the Middle East particularly on Iraq and Kurdistan Region

Rend Rahim-President of Iraq Foundation and former chief of Iraq mission to the US
Douglas Silliman-Former US Ambassador to Iraq and president of the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington.
Andrew Parasiliti-President ​ and chief content officer at Al-Monitor

In the panel participants answered and discussed the following questions related to the US foreign policy in the region under Trump and Biden
If Biden won, how much Trump’s path in foreign policy will change? How both see foreign policy and role of US in the world? What do you expect for both presidential candidate’s priority in foreign policy?

How US elections whether if Biden or Trump win will impact War on terror, US military presence and position of US allies in the Middle East? Is the US going to be more involved in confrontation with China and focus less on war on terror? Will the US leave its local allies for regional conflicts or there will be a change? By considering that both candidates have good relations with Israel, how the elections results will affect the Arab-Israel approach? ​ Now there is Emirates-Israel deal, and in other side Iran and Turkey also are reaching more alliance where is America’s position in these new alliances about to shape in the region?

Where is Iraq-US relations heading after the elections? Which candidate will be better for Iraq in term of long-term relations and interests? How will impact the Iraq-US strategic dialogue? How much is likely US approaches Shia Militias (PMF ) in Iraq and reach a deal over Iran’s regional role? How do you see both candidates perspective on the Iranian nuclear deal issue and Turkish regional interferences?

What will be the Kurds position after US elections? How the US sees KRG’s position in its foreign policy in Iraq and Middle East?

October - 2020
12:00 AM
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