Journalistic Trip from Norway to Kurdistan


This book was written by two Norwegian journalists and was published in 1975. The book includes reports and photos of the famous Norwegian journalist ‘’Egil Ulti’’ and his photographer Evarsn journey’s to Kurdistan which they spent time with Peshmerga forces in the mountains and tell the story of how Peshmerag defended the people and land of Kurdistan and, and also tell the story of Kurdish exodus due to Iraqi regime’s attacks.

The book was published by Rudaw Media Network and is about 455 pages prepared by Badradin Salah.

Badradin in the preface of the book has mentioned that this book is the more than 5000 kilometers journey of famous Norwegian journalist Egil Ulti and his photographer that in 1975 some weeks before the failure of Kurdish revolution from Norway had arrived in Kurdistan and for some days had stayed in the areas under control of Peshmerga stood against regime’s army and they made reports and took photos.

Regarding to finding such important archive of 1975 Badradin says

’’ through my friend and colleague Dyako Muradi we found this treasury and after talks and understanding bought it for symbolic price from its owner with rights’’

On the importance of these reports and photos says’’ the importance of this work is that during international betrayal and by some neighboring countries they sent Kurdish voice to the Norwegian media and through there to the world’’.

The book is available in Kurdish

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